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Kiss Now Available!

September 8, 2011

Kiss coverWe are pleased to announce that Kiss: Poems by Alison Hicks is now available!

Here’s some early praise for Alison’s work:

“With her keen eye, with her precise ear for just the right descriptive word, Alison Hicks’s poems enlarge daily life.  Whether running into the father of a childhood friend who committed suicide, or meditating on Chekhov, or reciting the mantra of drugs used to treat migraines, Hicks transforms daily experience into something larger, and more transcendent.  Her poems glow.” — Kim Roberts, author of Animal Magnetism, The Kimnama, and The Wishbone Galaxy and editor of Beltway Poetry Quarterly.

“In their provocative discontinuities, their subtle fracturings, their stops and starts, Alison Hicks’ poems often evoke a provisionality which is the essence of embodied thought, as we squint to apprehend it, as we stutter to parse it out, as we stagger into its illuminations.  How men and women surface out of their childhoods; how longing extends itself to the friend on the telephone, the man glimpsed in the street; how our bodies and our minds betray us inexorably into loss – these are mysteries, and Hicks acknowledges their occultation even as she presses us to perceive their complex significance.  One poem here poses ‘accuracy’ against ‘clarity’ – a fine distinction – but Alison Hicks’ strong vision offers us both.” — Nathalie Anderson, author of Quiver, Crawlers, and Following Fred Astaire

Click here to order!

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